Losing players can be recognized by 9 mistakes: here are what they are

Losing players can be recognized by 9 mistakes: here are what they are

In the game of poker, few will be winning players and many will be winning players. It is an objective and not questionable mathematical fact. Everyone can’t win. They will win on occasion, but in most cases they will be forced to defeat. So if the winning player is easy to recognize for the great continuity of results, sometimes we find it a little harder to recognize the loser.

Or rather, we struggle to read between the lines those apparently good players, but who in reality are part of the vast majority of the losers. To understand who the losing players are, all that remains is to observe their plays roulette live online, their behavior at the table and the image they give. From these things we can derive at least a dozen errors, from which we can understand that it is a losing player.

When the ego prevails over everything

The first cue, to recognize the losing player, is found when the player makes ego prevail over common sense. Incomprehensible bluffs, duels with other players only for previous histories and the desire to show well beyond their potential.

The obsession with being bluffed

In practice, despite having a point very often beaten by most of the hands, he stubbornly calls. Few times the possibility of a better hand than his rival flashes in his head and very often he will feel compelled to call, because he is bluffing.

Strong point, but closed gas

Losing players also have an incredible vice. Those times they have an important point in their hands, they almost always manage to get paid less than they should. They make the hand lose value, cash out less than expected and don’t realize they’ve missed a great opportunity. The so-called aggression is missing in these cases. In short, making chips is not their forte.

The bluff, this unknown

As mentioned earlier, losing players always believe they are being bluffed. But you will rarely see a non-winning player experience the thrill of a bluff. Too risky, too much anxiety and perhaps too much confusion in the head. Playing closed as manholes, for the others at the table the situation becomes all downhill.

The gods of poker against themselves

The losing player feels haunted by the gods of poker. Any blowout will be because of them and certainly not for having limped the aces from utg. Each lost hand has the flavor that certain divinities fall only on them and that’s it. Remember each hand is the only child of your choices. It is up to you to choose the best.

Mathematics? No I go to intuition

The losing player doesn’t like math and thinks that poker isn’t all about percentages and probabilities. Intuition comes first. It is true that in certain situations intuition and some sensations can make a difference. But just relying on them for the duration of a tournament, or a cash game table is very deleterious.

Outside Bankroll fear reigns

Here the losing player doesn’t even know where the bankroll is at home. Often he will fearlessly throw himself into excessive frays for his pockets. Except then get caught up in fear at the table and play even worse than usual, under the weight of figures too high for him.

I am Iron Man

Too much is too much. Playing for many hours brings inevitable fatigue, but the losing player does not care thinking he is indestructible. Just as he can’t say enough, when really the boards are not friends at all and things don’t go the right way. And undeterred he will continue to play, losing time, chips and morale.

Choose at random

The losing player, especially in the cash game. He doesn’t know how to select tables and opponents. Whether there may be Mr. X or Phil Ivey changes little for him. And in that moment he makes the first of the big mistakes.

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